04.11.17 - Grabher Haus Fürstenfeld

CD-Präsentation NOW


Der aus Fürstenfeld stammende Singer-Songwriter Philipp Archan präsentiert am 04.11.17 im Grabherhaus in Fürstenfeld seine Debut-CD „NOW“. An diesem Abend stellt er das Werk, das ursprünglich im Sommer 2017 in Graz releast wurde, zusammen mit Musiker-Kollegen und Freunden in Fürstenfeld vor. Die Besucher erwartet ein umfassendes musikalisches Programm und ein abwechslungsreicher Abend.

EINLASS: 19.00

BEGINN: 20.00



TICKETS beim Tourismusbüro Fürstenfeld, bei Archan Immobilien (Hauptstraße 3, 8280 Fürstenfeld) oder unter philipp.archan[at]gmail.com.

TICKETS ONLINE unter www.ntry.at/philipparchannow

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My new music video 'NO WORRIES'

5-track EP

Listen to Philipp's Debut Release 'NOW EP'

The 5 tracks on NOW are unique but still coming from the same source. Let Philipp take you on a journey praising sunshine, finding the balance between light and darkness and letting go back into the flow of life.

Catchy melodies and lyrics that come from the heart invite you to go inside and ponder over what is really important in life.

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This is Philipp Archan

Philipp Archan is a singer-songwriter who grew up in Austria. After playing in different bands and formations in the past 10 years he started to work on his solo project in the beginning of 2016. Philipp focuses on creating strong and positive experiences for his audience, which are sometimes not more than 20-30 people in a living room setting. His songs revolve around his core values of love, community and general thoughts and feelings about life.


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