Philipp Archan | Fill your own cup first
Philipp Archan is a conscious musician, HEARTist and coach ♥ Walking the way of truth, growth and love, he combines music and personal transformation. ♫♪♬
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Fill your own cup first

I don’t know about you but I am surely struggling to take care of my own needs first so I can be thriving, overflowing and feeling empowered to THEN help and inspire others and do good for the world. For me there’s a lot of shame and guilt coming up doing so and I am afraid of being selfish or narcissistic, but I also realized there is no other way of being able to sustainably do good for others. We have to start doing good for ourselves and being good and loving to ourselves. Because if we are in lack, drained, down – how can we give to other people and bring the things to the world that we want to?

I love imagery and this metaphor of “Fill your own cup first” is a very visual way for me to remember this idea. I hope it helps you as a little reminder too and I’m inviting you to FILL YOUR OWN CUP FIRST from now on 🙂

Would love to hear your experience with this, do you find it easy or hard?

Lots of love,