Philipp Archan | Video shoot d(r)one!
Philipp Archan is a conscious musician, HEARTist and coach ♥ Walking the way of truth, growth and love, he combines music and personal transformation. ♫♪♬
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Video shoot d(r)one!

Video shoot d(r)one!

Hey guys, yesterday we did the final shots of the last scene of the video, which means all shooting is done now! Its funny that I really dont have too much of an idea of how the finished piece will look like, as we did so many different shots and I just saw a few of them on a small screen with the sun blinding us, mostly (apparently, good light is important for shooting a video.) But I am happy to surrender now and knowing I – and we – did our best in shooting, coming up with ideas, finding locations and places to shoot on the go, using the light and surroundings we had, tying different symbolics and natural shots together and just capture the stunning nature here, I feel like whatever the finished piece will be like, will be exactly what it is supposed to be.
I trust the creative process and Mauro, the videographer, as he is the professional and I can once again learn not to try to control everything, but do my part, do the best that I can with the best intentions, and then let go 🙂 I read a beautiful thing about this “wanting to do everything oneself and trying to control everything”… it said something like “There have to be areas where we dont excel, so we can collaborate in a symbiosis with others. Otherwise there wouldnt even be a need for anybody else to be here!”

Keeping you updated with the process, the video is scheduled to be out mid of April 🙂

Enjoying a few more days here of being in the sun, working and being, before heading to Austria.

Lots of love,