Philipp Archan | What’s there more to do?
Philipp Archan is a conscious musician, HEARTist and coach ♥ Walking the way of truth, growth and love, he combines music and personal transformation. ♫♪♬
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What’s there more to do?

Sharing one of the main questions I keep asking myself to stay in my power, bypass confusion and minimize analysis paralysis. Staying aligned to my values, doing my best and keep doing that ✌

For so long in my life it’s been so common to ask myself 1000 questions like “What SHOULD I do (=what do others want me to do)?”, “What brings me security and consistency (=fear)?”, “What can I do that is going to bring me approval from others?” and so on… these days I really just try to stay aligned to my values, my truth, what I feel is right and what I want to bring to the world.

Of course all of these things also change but that is how life works and I no longer want to have it stop me from doing what I want – NOW. To deal with this I keep on questioning my values and intentions and always try to align with what is true for me now.

Hope you enjoy,

Lots of love